I’ve always been conflicted about food blogs. I love cooking and want to share my food with the world, and the internet makes that easy to do without physically giving someone something to eat. I’m also viciously anti-plagiarism (I know it’s a weird thing to be passionate about) and for a long time I cursed bloggers who re-publish recipes from cookbooks of venerable culinary masters for stealing their work and sinking any potential book sales… But as I scoured the interwebs for things I wanted to make, it became glaringly obvious that every recipe ever published has been been published before ad nauseum. Every recipe is derivative. Essentially, cookbook writers do exactly what food bloggers do only they get paid to republish recipes. So I’m going to jump on that unoriginal bandwagon and write about everything that I make that someone else has published claiming it as their own. No disrespect intended.


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