White Bean Soup Recipes to Help You Settle Into Fall

From chunky stews to creamy broths, white bean soup recipes come in many flavors and many forms.


Like most people right now, have an overabundance of beans in all sorts of colors and shapes taking up space in the pantry. Right now, I’m working my way through my white bean supply. I have a standard recipe I use for turning them into soup, but I don’t want to wear it out—you could probably use some variety too as autumn begins its descent. As a service, here are some deeply delicious white bean soup recipes to help you settle into fall.

Easy Italian White Bean Soup by Rainbow Plant Life

Bacon, a splash of white wine and Parmesan cheese turn up the flavor on this Italian favorite. If you’re using dried beans, just make sure to cook them until the beans are tender and then drained and rinsed. From there, a bit of mirepoix is sauteed over medium-high heat to form the base along with chicken broth and the beans. Instead of kale, this recipe calls for fresh baby spinach to break up the beige and herby rosemary brings it all together for a simple soup that makes a great weeknight meal or hefty lunch.

Mediterranean White Bean Soup with Harissa & Tahini by The Defined Dish


Harissa and tahini might just be the gateway flavor combination to veganism. The mild spicy-sweet harissa cuts the richness of the tahini, but not so much that you don’t enjoy the full-body broth of this veggie-packed bean soup. Serve your soup with crusty bread to accompany your rainy afternoon. You can season it with salt and pepper, but it’s bold as is.

Tuscan Tomato Bread Soup by How Sweet Eats

This one uses bread the same way gazpacho does—as a thickener. The recipe is pretty basic—onions and carrots are sauteed before adding tomatoes, veggies, beans and seasonings. Pieces of bread are then stirred in and the whole thing is simmered until the bread disintegrates. The results are more of a stew than a soup, so remember that a little goes a long way. 

White Bean Soup with Chicken by This Healthy Table


This recipe gets an extra boost of protein with chicken, but it goes a step further to make it shine a bit brighter than the others. If you were hoping to use up your leftover chicken with this one, perhaps the smoky paprika-dusted chicken breasts will change your mind. On top of the spice mixup, this one is flavored with lemon juice and basil for a bowl of sunshine on a cloudy day.

Creamy Bean Soup With Sausage by Foodie Crush


This one is true comfort food—it was a recipe shared between friends, modified and shared again. What’s more comforting than sharing soup with your forever friend?? Quite a lot, but it’s still pretty comforting. To make this one as delicious as it is comforting, this one has a sort creamy base but is built with flavor in mind. The kielbasa is sauteed before the vegetables are added. Then—and this is where it gets interesting—the recipe directs you to make a roux in reverse. Flour is sprinkled over the sausage to soak up the fat which makes the roux. Milk is then added slowly to make a sauce that gradually becomes soup. This soup works as a main dish but can work as a side to a salad or sandwich.

Greek White Bean Soup by Real Greek Recipes


This is about as simple a soup as you can get: mirepoix (onions, carrots, celery) sauteed for the base and the rest is just a bit of measuring. It’s lightly seasoned with herbs and lemon juice and if you need a bit of green you can stir in some fresh baby spinach. No meat or dairy in this one—make it vegetarian by swapping out the chicken broth for vegetable broth.

Lemony White Bean Soup with Kale and Gremolata


If you’re using white beans, you may find that you don’t really need meat to make a satisfying soup and this Lemony White Bean Soup with Kale and Gremolata is an excellent example of that. This soup calls for vegetable broth to give the liquid body while Yukon Gold potatoes fill in the satisfaction gaps the beans leave. The kale offers technicolor fiber flanked with flecks of flavor we owe to the parsley-lemon condiment known as gremolata. 

White Bean Soup by Diethood


This recipe is fairly simple—if you have most of the ingredients in your pantry, you can still pull it together and it can still be pretty good. Add onions, garlic, celery, carrots to a pot to saute then add broth, canned corn, some spices and beans and let simmer, stirring occasionally to transform it all into a meal in just 30 minutes.

The Best White Bean Soup by The Clever Meal

Best White Bean Soup

This one is another naturally vegan soup that trusts the power of paprika, wine and rosemary to deliver flavor to the beans and mirepoix. Potatoes are used to bulk up the meal while the spinach provides iron and fiber for a healthy meal without the animal byproducts. Not only is it vegan, it’s also gluten-free.

White Bean and Tomato Soup by Lord Byron’s Kitchen


While Lord Byron might suggest this is soup for the elite, it is pretty close to peasant food and Lord Byron celebrates it. This recipe is almost entirely made up of items you probably already have in your pantry—canned beans, canned tomatoes, dried spices, and olive oil. The few fresh things you need are the onions, garlic and Parmesan cheese (if you want). That means it can be ready to eat with little time and little effort.

Tomato and White Bean Soup by Recipes Worth Repeating

 Tomatoes and white beans is one of my favorite combinations and it looks like I’m not the only one who appreciates it. But what makes this one a little different from the others is that it’s creamy soup—she blends the beans to make it smooth. And, coincidentally Recipes Worth Repeating found love in the same blender I did. This is defo a recipe worth blending…

Tuscan White Bean Soup by Peas and Crayons


I’m just going to opine for one second: I think “Tuscan” is kind of an arbitrary word tacked to the front of white bean soup recipes but it doesn’t actually mean anything. That doesn’t mean that this soup isn’t totally delicious (I mean, it is creamy with little nuggets of pasta and cheese bobbing around in it—how can you go wrong with that????), it just means that it’s probably not as Italian as the title suggests. That said, this one actually uses cream in the broth for flavor and body to complement the beans and pasta.

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