Writing Samples

Though I enjoy making food and writing about it for fun, I also write professionally.  As a writer over the last decade or so, I’ve written about most everything — from President Obama’s first election win to the best flowers to plant during a drought. There’s not a topic I can’t shape into a piece of content anyone can understand as well as rank in search engines. Below are some examples of my work. For additional samples, please contact me at rachel.roszmann@gmail.com.

I had trouble figuring out where to put this, but I thought I should include it here as evidence that I know a little bit about search — I rank in the #1 spot in Google above Southern Living, Martha Stewart and the Food Network (and Paula Deen, but I couldn’t include it in the screenshot). 

How-Google_s-Crackdown on-Online-Ads-Upends-Search

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